I’m Irish, Amazon

As a regular shopper online, I find it extremely infuriating when I visit sites that can’t offer me their prices in euros. In Ireland (and most other European countries)  the euro is our currency, and when I visit websites such as EbayPlay, and The Book Depository, they are obliging enough to offer their prices in euro. It is therefore understandable that I might expect one of the biggest e-commerce websites on the internet to offer a similar service – Amazon.

Rather disappointingly though, they do not deliver this service to us at all. In fact typing in www.amazon.ie rebounds you to the .co.uk site where all the prices are in the British pound – and while often sites provide an option to convert prices to whichever currency you use, Amazon fail to provide one such option. Even more annoyingly, if we look at other countries within the EU, we see that they have both dedicated domain names, and the currency in euros – Amazon Germany, Amazon Spain, and Amazon Italy.

The need to have a currency converter next to you just to shop on Amazon is poor to say the least, especially when we see they provide other European countries with euro prices. This kind of need leads me to shop elsewhere first. And while Ireland may be considered a small market for Amazon, its competitors see us as important enough to off the service, so what I would like to say to them is “I’m Irish, I deal in euros, can you please make this happen?”.

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